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ASMR Amy – Who am I ?

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ASMR Amy – YouTuber

Hello Readers 😉
First of all I want you to introduce myself.
My name is ASMR Amy. Some of you may know me from YouTube. In September 2018 I started my YouTube Channel which is about ASMR. Because of you I reached now 200.000 Subscribers. That´s awesome and I don´t have words for it.
Why did I start with ASMR and what the f*ck is ASMR?
The first time I discoverd ASMR in 2017. At this tie I saw a video who a woman ate Pickles. In my opinion: I found it funny, but I decided to youtube more of it.
What should I say, I found a lot of different ASMR content and so the time goes by until I decided to start my own channel.
Then there was missing something. Sensuality.
That´s what my ASMR is about and it´s even more me, ASMR Amy.

ASMR Amy YouTube

Let´s come to the big main question – What the F*ck is ASMR?
Yes, I know, many people don´t understand it. It is a Fetish? It is just for fun? Or why do people watch this kind of videos
For a lot of people it looks just weird, but it has a very good reason why people love to watch and mostly hear and feels ASMR videos.
It´s for relaxation. It´s for falling asleep. It´s for feeling save. It´s for feeling loved. It´s for forgetting all problems. It´s against anxiety. It´s just for switch off the world.
Many people love to experience a Tingle feeling that mostly begins at the backside of the head and runs down the back. Similar to Goosebumps.
This feeling can triggerd by different Sounds or a Personal Attention.
It´s a bit hard to explain.
If you are still reading this, you should try it by yourself.
Click my ASMR videos and find out which kind you like the most or not.
Have fun while watching and hearing and feeling.

ASMR Amy Sweet dreams are made of this

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5 Responses

  1. I followed You on YouTube before You made ASMR videos and I didn´t know ASMR before You introduced me to it. I find Your videos very relaxing and they somehow make me feel safe. And when I have problems with falling asleep Your ASMR videos are very helpful.
    I love Your sensual way of doing ASMR and I love all the sounds You make me hear in Your videos. I especially love ear eating and mic scratching but most of all I love to hear Your whispering voice.
    Of course I also fell in love with Your unbelievable beauty.
    Thank You for doing what You do.

  2. Awesome blog Amy, and I recommend to everyone reading the comments to join Amy’s Patreon, absolutely incredible amazing content.
    I’ve been into ASMR since 2014, but never did I expect it could be so sensual and intimate until ASMR Amy took it to a whole new level.

    Always looking forward to see what you create next, thank you Amy.

  3. Hey Amy, i knew you since your time as a porn actress. I bought many of your videos, and i am still interested because you are one of the hottest women in my opinion. Do you still do porn? Or plan on making some again? With eg. OnlyFans?

  4. Thanks Amy for making so many memorable videos and making the internet much better 🙂

    I love asmr and yours is very cool and special – your November video is amazing and I always fail the challenge, you’re so sensual and hot.

    Parma xx

    • Hi, just for your information — although the No Nut video comments are off, the description still has the words, “Don´t forget to comment.” Maybe you would like to remove it so that a viewer won’t be confused when they really want to cumment.
      Happy October… xx

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